Get More Email Subscribers

Is your email subscriber list looking a bit thin? Not enough new subscribers to get you excited anymore? This creative assortment of ideas on how to get more email subscribers is aimed at small business' in a range of industries.

Creative ways to get more email subscribers:

Take some of the following ideas and see which ones might work for you in your business, not all will be suitable but they do provide you with a range of objective avenues to explore.

  1. Ask people in person - Gain peoples trust and build a relationship with them before asking them to subscribe. It's more effort but you'll build a stronger list of subscribers
  2. Offer something free to new subscribers
  3. Offer something of value in your newsletter, like en exclusive guide or report
  4. Offer a discount on goods or services to new subscribers
  5. Offer a free courtesy service like window cleaning, car wash etc
  6. Ask people to subscribe while you attend exhibitions, trade shows, meetings, workshops
  7. Offer a physical £5 gift voucher to anyone who subscribes that can be redeemed online or in store (a physical voucher might have more influence than a virtual one)
  8. Write to all your existing customers and ask them to subscribe
  9. Manually collect corporate email addresses and add them to your list (Corporate addresses are those of Limited and Private Limited companies, but not personal addresses of employees. Read my email marketing legal requirements for more info. You must by law give corporate's the opportunity to unsubscribe)
  10. Gather all past customer email addresses, including those who've enquired about your goods / services.. BUT do read my email marketing legal requirements for the legal responsibilities behind doing this.
  11. If you own a guest house, B&B etc leave subscription forms in the bedrooms for guests to complete (soft opt in process)
  12. Have a PC or Tablet in the reception area of your business / hotel / guest house with a live online subscription form
  13. Place a Tablet near the que for the tills so people waiting to be served can sign up (hopefully they wont be waiting too long anyway?)
  14. Ask each customer who buys from you if they want to subscribe, ideal for online shops
  15. Buy a list of email addresses (always check the authenticity of purchased lists and make sure everyone has legally opted in for 3rd party email communication. See my email marketing legal requirements for more clarification)
  16. Ask existing subscribers to recommend your newsletter to friends
  17. Create an incentive or value for recommendations to encourage people to share your newsletter with their friends
  18. Ask related businesses to mention your newsletter in their own newsletter publications, find a business that compliments yours
  19. Ask industry bloggers to link to and mention your newsletter in their blogs, again find someone who compliments your business and shares the same target audience
  20. Ask your existing subscribers to send you testimonials about your newsletter, publish these on your sign up page to help build a profile of your newsletter to potential subscribers
  21. Provide a sample newsletter on your sign up page so potential subscribers can see what they will get and can make better judgment
  22. Put a sign up form on your 'thank you' pages, such as your order complete page or message sent page.
  23. Ask your website visitors who send you a message through your contact page if they'd like to subscribe (you may have to manually add them if the process is not automated)
  24. Create a smart phone app that includes a newsletter subscription page
  25. Link to your newsletter sign up page in your email signatures
  26. Advertise your newsletter on your business cards, flyers, adverts etc
  27. Use a pop up sign up form on your website home page (this can be intrusive so use with caution)
  28. Run a prize draw to new subscribers or all subscribers to encourage more user subscriptions (note the legal requirements behind this)
  29. Wear it on your work wear or T-shirts, use a catchy slogan and a QR code to link to your newsletter sign up page.
  30. Advertise your newsletter on your vehicles, again use a QR code to link to the sign up page.

Author: Jamie King
Dated: January 1st 2013

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